What we have to offer

Full-scale games conversion

Have a PS3 title you’d like to see on the iPhone? Or a PC title, you want on the PS4? No problem. We have a long track record of full-scale games conversion. We provide early estimates free of charge.

Project and technology evaluation

Not sure if your technology is quite using the underlying hardware to its fullest extent? Worried about whether your technology will scale to future generations of hardware? No problem. We have a long track record of tailoring solutions to the currents of technology, and can rapidly evaluate whether yours is lining up with future hardware capabilities.

Performance optimization

Are you finding it difficult to hit your target in terms of performance and/or memory consumption? No problem. We have a long track record, be it algorithmic, cache, SSE, assembler even – through to making sequential code concurrent, and/or entirely moving it across to the GPU. We can also help on the GPU side of things, where often configuring a title to an ever-increasing span of hardware can be a daunting proposition.


We can also help you make your application fit into memory or disk, through careful quantisation, run-time decompression, or perhaps some completely esoteric bespoke solution.


Do you have a strict deadline, and struggle to make an impact on your bug database? No problem. We have a long track record of joining up late, make a rapid impact, and hitting that deadline.

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